In Florida, you will likely need a 4-point inspection before getting homeowners insurance on an older home. You may not be familiar with this service or what it entails. This article explains the 4 parts of a 4-point inspection and why an insurance company might require one.

4-Point Inspection: HVAC System

When underwriting an insurance policy, insurance providers are concerned with the most expensive components in a house. An HVAC system is necessary to keep the house climate-controlled and free of mold, but it is pricey to maintain, fix, and replace. Many insurance companies won’t insure a house that lacks an HVAC system or has a failing HVAC system. The 4-point inspection will determine if the system is in good condition.


A faulty plumbing system is a significant liability. Water damage is some of the most expensive damage to fix in a home. In older homes, the plumbing pipes may be made from polybutylene. An insurance company might refuse to insure a home with polybutylene pipes because they are more susceptible to bursting.

Alternatively, an insurance provider may choose to write in an exclusion for water damage. However, it is a good idea to have the pipes replaced if your pipes are made from this material because water damage restoration could exceed the cost of new pipes. The inspection will also check plumbing components like the water heater, toilets, and faucets.

Electrical System

It is common for an older electrical system to be unable to support the electrical load of modern-day families. Also, older homes may have aluminum electrical wiring, which poses a fire hazard. Any company insuring your home wants to mitigate the risk of fire, so they need to know that the electrical system is grounded and safe.

The Roof is Inspected in a 4-Point Inspection

The roof is the only structural portion of this type of inspection. Like faulty plumbing, a failing roof can cause expensive water damage. If the roof does not pass the 4-point inspection, it will need to be replaced or repaired before acquiring homeowners insurance.

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