It is essential to get a home inspection when buying a new house. Roof inspections are beneficial after storms when you are filing an insurance claim, in addition to being a vital part of a complete home inspection. Aerial drones in home inspections are beneficial because they provide a more thorough and accurate assessment of the roof.

Not All Roofs are Safe to Walk On

Sometimes, a roof is so badly damaged that it is not safe for an inspector to walk on it. Roofs that are at the end of their lifespan may have the same problem. The roof may be in stable condition, but the pitch is too steep to safely climb on. It is important to learn about the precise condition of the roof, but inspectors are not required to inspect it if it isn’t safe. In this case, your home inspection will not be complete and you will need to seek out another professional with a drone to perform a separate roof inspection. You won’t run into this issue if the inspector you choose uses a drone in home inspections. You can get the entire inspection done in one appointment and the home-buying process can continue on schedule.

Drones in Home Inspections for Inspecting Inaccessible Areas of the Roof

If you have a high roof or tall chimney, the inspector may not be able to physically access all areas of the roof without a drone. It is important to get a complete assessment of all parts of the roof to truly understand its condition. Drones can get into tight spaces that a person cannot access, and capture specific views of chimneys, guttering, soffits, fascia, and other features like dormer windows. Drones can provide a more complete and thorough report than a roof inspection done manually by an inspector.

Drones in Home Inspections Increase Efficiency

If your inspector has to climb on your roof to inspect it, he or she has to work slowly to prevent accidents. Using a drone, your inspector can check all parts of your roof and find problems more efficiently. They will be able to do the work quickly and you won’t have to wait as long for the inspection to be completed.

When hiring a home inspector for a complete home inspection or a roof inspection, find one who has an aerial drone to use. A drone comes in handy when parts of the roof are inaccessible and unsafe. You can also hire an inspector to take bird’s-eye images of the whole property to get an understanding of the land and layout. You’ll reap many benefits when you have an inspector who has access to this technology.

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