Building a new home means you get the opportunity to customize the property to accommodate your family’s needs, lifestyle, and preferences. Customizations range from layout and design to finishes, fixtures, and appliances. You can be creative and contribute ideas that will function for years to come in your new home. When talking with your builder, consider these features for your new home.

Kitchen Finishes

The kitchen is usually the busiest room in the house. You and your family will spend hours there preparing meals, doing homework, tidying up, and spending family time in this space. Depending on how you plan to use the area, some features you might add include:

• A walk-in pantry
• Breakfast bar or nook
• Open shelving on the upper cabinets
• Under-cabinet lighting
• Kitchen island

An Extended Garage

Ask your builder to add additional space to the garage. Make sure you have plenty of room to park your vehicles and still have space for storage. Many homeowners use the garage as a workspace and for storage of out-of-season items. A few extra feet around the perimeter will provide extra room for your belongings.

Features for Your New Home Include Smart-Home Technology

There are many advancements in home automation technology and security. This technology simplifies daily routines and adds convenience to your busy lifestyle. Modern devices such as smart thermostats and smart lighting help you reduce your energy bill and lower your carbon footprint.

Smart security devices improve safety and give you peace of mind. Home security systems include smart door locks, security cameras, and doorbell cams. Other smart features available for your new home include refrigerators and built-in speaker systems.

Outdoor Living Area

An outdoor living area offers space to spend time enjoying nature with family and friends. Design your outside space based on your hobbies and intended use of the area. You might build a backyard deck with a grilling station and pizza oven or create a patio with outdoor seating and space to hang a hammock.

Bonus Rooms are Great Features for Your New Home

When building a new home, think beyond the basics. Include rooms that enhance your lifestyle. You might add a home theater with a projector, dimmable lights, comfy seating, and surround-sound speakers. Other entertaining features to consider are a bar in the game room, a home gym, a wine cellar, or a yoga studio.

Building a house gives you the freedom to create your dream home. These features will benefit you and increase the resale value. Talk with your builder to make plans for customizations that you and your family will enjoy.

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