A home maintenance inspection is an essential service that any homeowner should order periodically. It is a regular check-up on your home to monitor the condition of the many components and systems.

An inspection is a comprehensive assessment of the condition of your property, looking for defects in the structure, systems, and components. It should be performed by a licensed professional inspector, experienced with residential properties. He or she will provide an objective assessment of the state of your home.

Why Do You Need an Inspection?

As your house ages, things can go wrong and deteriorate. While a home maintenance inspection may only uncover minor issues, you can address small problems before they become larger when compounded over time.

An inspection can help homeowners get ahead of potential issues with their homes before turning into major repairs or replacement projects. It also helps to improve safety by identifying hazards like electrical malfunctions, which could cause severe damage and health risks if left unchecked for too long. An inspection will also help you plan for taking care of maintenance that will help home components last longer.

What Will be Inspected?

A home maintenance inspection includes:

What Should You Expect With a Home Inspection?

The home inspector goes through the home documenting various components with photos and descriptions. After the inspection, you will have a chance to ask questions and seek clarification.

How Often Should You Get a Home Inspection?

It varies from house to house, but experts recommend hiring an inspector routinely or after making major home renovations. Generally, it’s something that should happen on an ongoing basis, not just once you notice problems.

How Much Do They Cost?

Home inspection prices vary depending on the size and location of your home. However, the average price for inspection is between $300-$500, which is a fraction of the cost of replacing major home components.

A home maintenance inspection is a routine every homeowner who cares about their investment should perform. To guarantee you get the most out of this inspection, hire the services of a certified home inspector.

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